Previous letters    2nd July 2020

From Helen


Dear Friends,

I hope you continue well. Thank you once again for your replies. Please keep them coming! 


I'm writing this whilst watching Antiques Roadshow. I don't know whether I like the programme or not really. I'm just watching it because it's on. I've never been someone who collects things. I've always collected experiences rather than stuff. If I have some money, I'm most likely to spend it on a day out or a concert or something, rather than an object. But sometimes there's something on the programme that interests me. Often it's the 'basic, better, best' bit where Fiona Bruce is given three similar objects and has to try and work out which is basic, better or best in terms of monetary value. It's very hard to know which is which and why. She almost always gets It wrong, and so do I! I expect we all wonder when we see these things, whether we have anything of great value in our homes. Do we have that precious object hidden away somewhere which could change our life?

In the Gospels there are several parables which describe the Kingdom of God as 'treasure'. It might be like treasure buried in a field, or a pearl, or a coin on a woman's dowry jewellery. In each case it's worth putting every ounce of energy you have towards finding it and keeping it. 

In these strange times, it can be hard to spot the treasure and hold on to it. Things are difficult now, but there are lovely things happening as well and it would be a shame to miss them. What little signs of the Kingdom of God can you see around you at the moment? This week, try and notice the treasure around you. It may be concealed, perhaps in a corner of your life you have neglected recently, but it is there somewhere. 


Stay safe and stay in touch.

Yours in Christ,