For the inauguration of our new circuit in 2007 this prayer was specially written,
please pray with us and for us:

O Lord our God, our Creator and Redeemer
We look to you to lead us in this new partnership.
Meld us into one team, working together in harmony,
enriched, encouraged and strengthened by our coming together,
and sure of your abiding presence with us day by day.
May your Spirit inspire us with new vision,
along with new energies and insight
for the work you would have us do.
Take us and make us channels of your grace.
And, just as in the days the Abbey flourished,
may we become a source of spiritual nourishment
and practical service without discrimination
for all the many people of this whole area.
May each one be grasped by your love for us
and find that peace that passes all human understanding.
We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.


This site only contains minimal information about some of the churches. You will find the address and Sunday worship time for each church on its page. For more information you can use the contact form on the About Us page.