Circuit staff

Revd Greg Obong-Oshotse - Superintendent Minister
Pastoral Oversight -
Trinity, Wesley Hall (Day off: Friday)

Revd Dr Chellaian Lawrence
Pastoral Oversight -
Barnehurst, Bexleyheath, Pantiles  (Day off: Thursday)

Revd Dr Anselmo Amaral
Pastoral Oversight -
Abbey Wood, Belvedere, Welling  (Day off: Friday)

Local Ecumenical Projects

Revd Patrick Eggleston

Pastoral Oversight - St Paul's United Congregation (Anglican/Methodist/URC)

Revd Jonathan Macy
Pastoral Oversight - Church of the Cross (Anglican/Methodist/URC)

Revd Ruth Turner
Pastoral Oversight - William Temple

Revd Sally Willett & Revd Andrew Willett
Pastoral Oversight - West Thamesmead Community Church

Revd. Dr. Elaine Colechin
Pastoral Oversight - Greenwich United Congregation