Tribute to HM Queen Elizabeth II

With heavy hearts we join the nation in mourning the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Thursday 8 September 2022.

The Queen, who died at 96, spent 70 years on throne, becoming the longest reigning monarch in British history.

True to her vow on her 21st birthday in 1947 to devote all her life to service, she never wavered, and never retired. It is a testimony to her sense of duty that although frail and worn, she rose to her constitutional responsibility and received in personal audience Elizabeth Truss, newly elected leader of the Conservatives, to invite her to form a government just two days before she passed on.

From her strength of character she modelled a remarkable life of personal dignity, stability and moral rectitude that was the envy of many, and an inspiration to yet many more. From her longevity she spurn a golden thread of perseverance that made her seem immortal. Together both gifts engraved her name on the pages of history and will serve as eternal witnesses to an immortal record of faithful service. Her immortality is beyond assured.

We pray for the royal family and ask for God’s wisdom to guide them at this pivotal moment of transition, as one era ends and another begins. 

The Reverend Greg Obong-Oshotse

Superintendent Minister
Lesnes Abbey Methodist Circuit, London